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Who is eligible for the LIABILITY PROTECTION POLICY?

All active members of IACP.

What liability limits are available under this policy?

$1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate. This is the only general liability limit available. Lower limits are not available because coverage is provided on a group policy for active IACP members only.

What is Care, Custody or Control?

All general liability policies EXCLUDE coverage for damage to personal property in your care, custody or control. This means that ANY personal property, including a pet, which is in your care, custody or control, (or training class) is excluded from coverage should that property be damaged or destroyed, due to your negligence. The CCC is a mandatory coverage under the IACP Liability policy. The limit you choose will determine the amount of coverage you have for client's personal property and pets.

Are independent contractors covered?

NO, unless coverage is purchased at the rate of $25.00 per independent contractor.

Is there a deductible?

Yes, there is a $100 per claim deductible for all claims.

Are my Employees, Independent Contractors or myself covered on this policy if injured while on the job?

No. This policy does not cover on the job injuries to you, your employees or independent contractors working in your business. You will need to purchase a Workers Compensation Policy to cover these types of claims. We offer a separate policy for this coverage if desired.

Are there any breed exclusions under the IACP Liability policy?

No, there are no breed exclusions!

Are there any types of training not covered under the IACP Liability policy?

Yes, the following types of training are excluded: Protection or Guard, Attack or Fighting, or Police work.

What does the Pet Food/Treats Distributors & Manufacturers optional endorsement cover?

This endorsement provides product liability coverage for pet food/treats you make, manufacture, or distribute for others. A supplemental application is required, including a list of all ingredients and where you sell or distribute your products.

What does the "Limited Dog Training Professional Liability" limit cover?

The professional liability coverage covers you against claims alleging the animal was not properly trained. Where as general liability coverage covers you while the training is actively going on, professional liability covers you after the training is completed. For example, if you were to train a dog to be less aggressive, and after the training is completed, the dog bites someone and the client alleges your training did not work or that you did not properly train the dog, you would be covered with this endorsement. The Professional Limit provides legal defense inside the limit of liability to cover you against these claims, which are often frivolous in nature. We now offer the following Limit options for Professional Liability: $25,000, $100,000, $250,000.

What is "Dishonesty Bond" coverage?

Dishonesty Bond coverage protects you and your customers from loss as a result of theft committed by you or your employees. It includes these features:

• The definition of employee includes all owners and officers, full and-part time employees, independent contractors, and volunteers.

• You are covered up to the policy limit of liability for each loss occurrence. There is no aggregate limit of liability.

The bond will apply only after establishment of proof that the accused party has, in fact, committed a criminal act. After payment of the claim to the client up to the limit of the bond, the insurance company will seek restitution from the guilty party. To say to a client that you are bonded demonstrates the confidence you have in your company and your staff. Many business owners who have no staff also purchase a bond because the credential assists the client in feeling more comfortable allowing the trainer in their home to provide care for the pets.

When will my IACP policy become effective?

Since this is a group policy designed for active IACP members, all policies are effective the first of each month. We allow up to the 15th of each month to allow for applications/payment to be received. If received after the 15th day of the month, policy will be effective the following month.

What does "minimum earned premium of 25%" mean?

This means if you cancel your policy for any reason in the first 3 months of your policy term, the insurance company will retain 25% of your annual premium and 100% of your annual policy fee.

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